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Hydroseeder / Water Tender Truck


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About This Project

Fire Tenders –

River City Fabrication is known to build quality fire tender apparatuses in compliance with, and often exceeding, NFPA regulations. Utilizing quality design methods and superior craftsmanship, your fire tender will be built to your stations specifications and needs.


Hydro-seeder - 4000 Gallon Tank & Baffles:
Constructed with 836 grade 3/16″ formed PL,
Removable lid – 3/16″ PL with 2’x2’x3/16″Angle Cross-members ,
Frame Rail – 3/8″ formed PL – 3/16″ gussets and cross-members every 2″,
33″x 24″ Man-way raised 12″ off deck with 1/4″ PL 3/16 man-way covers,
90′ of 3″x3″x1/4″ Angle side bracing – 100% seal welded top and bottom,
Multiple 4″ and 6″ Outlets – as specified,
Mixing trough – formed 3/16″ PL,
8″x 9″x 22″ sump – located in front of tank – as specified,
2 – Removable Baffles – 3/16″ with 2’x2’x3/16″ Angle stiffeners


Add-on options available ( but not limited to) :

  • Truck modifications for mounting purposes
  • Agitation horizontal mix shafts
  • Dual water cannon system:
    Water Canon/Monitor
  • Plumbing:
    Front bumper spray bars,  Side sprayers-
  • Safety rail for work platform:
    Mounting permanent for structural integrity; and meets height requirements (with the exception of the cannons line of fire.
    Railing constructed of 1″x1″ sq. tubing, 42 ½” high – around the perimeter of the tank and 28″ high – at rear for cannon clearance.
    Guard rail – 2 sides of man-way, constructed of same 1″x1″ Sq tube.
    2- Gates constructed of 1″x1″ Sq tube, each 54″ wide, both gates are removable as well as swing out style.
    1- Gate on drivers side at the man way/mixing area
    1- Gate on passengers side at the front of the work area
  • Removable mix and rear work platform:
    1 ½” and 2″ Sq tube
    2″ angle bolted to the tank and truck frame.
  • Mounted to the platform:
    Water canons, water cannon controls tower, diesel engine, the hydraulic motors, pumps and PTO, hose reel, stairs, safety railing and 4″ offload plumbing
  • Stairs – 2″ Sq tube, raised 3/4″ #9 expanded steel,
    Stairs hand railing – 1″Sq tube.
  • Hydraulic fluid cell – 10 GA Steel
  • Agitation horizontal mix shafts